Do you have a few questions for me? Or, do you want to tell me about the results or breakthroughs you've had with one of my freebies?  This is the place. If you have a question about my services, please ask in the form below.

If you're interested in making an introductory appointment, please keep reading. In the subject head of your message, type the name of the type of appointment you’re interested in.

Emotional Reset & Release  If you're completely new to The Dynamic Divorcée, and need fast help in dealing with your emotions (as you navigate separation and divorce, or as you try to heal emotionally after divorce) a 30-minute emotional reset appointment with me is just $35 via Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom. You'll get immediate help and techniques to feel better right now from me personally.  In the form below, please type Reset & Release as the subject head, and let me know the one, single issue that you'd like my advice on in a 30-minute call.  If I feel that I can help you on that specific issue in just 30 minutes, I'll direct you to my scheduling page where you can make your appointment.

Take Back Your Power  Two 45-minute coaching calls spaced a week apart, $147 inclusive via Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom. In the first 45-minute appointment, we define where you want to be in your life and where to start plus you receive simple, doable action steps for the week. In the second 45 minutes, we create an action plan to move forward based on everything I learned in our first conversation. I make it easy, and you'll come away feeling relief from fears that you can't do it, and feeling the power inside that you didn't even know you had.  In the form below, please type Take Back Your Power as the subject head, and tell me a little bit about where you feel you need the most help as you try to emotionally recover from your divorce (or deal with a divorce in progress).

7 Steps to Divorce Healing Tarot Reading, Reality Check Divorce Tarot Spread (or any other of my custom-made divorce tarot readings)  If you've heard about my tarot readings on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, please fill out your name and email address, type Reading as the subject head, and in the message field, tell me any special question(s) that you'd like answered. I can then recommend the best tarot reading to give you the answers you’re looking for, along with price and other details.  All readings are conducted via email, so it's easy for you (no appointment to make and no time-commitment on your part).

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