Podcasts Featuring The Dynamic Divorcee

Interviews, divorce podcasts, and divorce workshops with Rosetta Magdalen, The Dynamic Divorcee.

Check out some of Rosetta’s interviews and online media appearances.

Rosetta is interviewed by Rachel Lankester for The Magnificent Midlife Podcast from the UK. Hear her talk about divorcing in midlife, and the special challenges and exciting new opportunities this brings — even if the prospect doesn’t feel too thrilling at the start.

Telesummit workshop for Find the Fire.

Rosetta helps you to dig deep to gain clarity about who you are post-divorce and where you want to go from here.

If you feel that you’re in a fog, with no idea what you’re future life will hold, this is for you.

It’s designed to be listened to even without the visuals, but the slides will let you know when to pause the audio, if you'd like to download the activity sheets and complete the exercises for each step.

Rosetta is interviewed by Diane Dempster and Lynn Anderson of Women Warriors Radio.

Rosetta tells her story and talks about how you can move on and prepare to be loved the way you want to be loved in new relationships going forward.

Rosetta talks about how her life became chaos when she discovered her husband’s secret life with another woman.

Just Stay Curious podcast host Gillian Rose interviews The Dynamic Divorcee on her divorce drama, the development of her 7-step method for quick emotional healing post-divorce, and more.